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Leading Areas for Business Events

For the longest time people have referred to the Port & Shinagawa area as a station house (Umaya), but historically it has been known as the main gateway where people can come and go easily.
It is because of this a new station called the Takanawa Gateway Station will open its doors sometime in 2020. Currently, the closest main station to Haneda Airport is Shinagawa Station, which provides connections to various locations around Japan.
This area has also developed a set of unique venues, including the largest ballroom in Tokyo, that can meet every need and can be used for international conferences and corporate events,
In addition, this area offers a variety of food options that can cater to specific diets for religion, lifestyles, allergies, as well as after-MICE events. By utilizing the strength of our network, we will work together to ensure the success of any business events.

Traditional Culture Meets
New Innovative Opportunities

Around the Tamachi, Shirokane, Takanawa and Shinagawa areas you will find various types contents that captures the very essence of these areas through the various unique venues of Tokyo, as well as traditional culture, food culture, night life and more.
One of our recommended new business opportunities features unique venues that capitalize on cultural resources such as temples and facilities which incorporate beautiful traditional Japanese gardens, as well as traditional Japanese cultural experiences.


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    We excel at planning, execution, and prides ourselves on our ability to turn ideas into reality. We listen carefully to the ideas and requests of every customer to ensure every aspect of their ideal gathering comes to full volition.

    Tokyo Yard Project
  • Prince

    With this as momentum, we are opening a new chapter by supporting people who bring new energy to develop the town.

    Our MICE style
  • Happo-en

    We provide a diversified MICE STYLE program to make people share their thoughts to revive the local economy.

    What we do


Conférence / Congrès

Nom de l'établissement Capacité maximale

Conférence /

Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa 2,880
Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa 714
The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo 320
The Prince Park Tower Tokyo 3,600
Shinagawa Prince Hotel 2,400
Tokyo Prince Hotel 1,500
Happo-en 800


Nom de l'établissement Restaurant


Atré Vie Gotanda Japonais / Occidental
Atré Shinagawa Japonais / Occidental
Atré Meguro Japonais / Occidental
Ecute Shinagawa Japonais / Occidental
ecute Shinagawa South Japonais / Occidental
Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa Japanese/
Grand Prince Hotel
The Prince Sakura Tower
Japonais / Occidental
The Prince Park Tower
Shinagawa Prince Hotel Japanese/
Tokyo Prince Hotel Japanese/
Happo-en Japonais / Occidental

Unique Venues


    Access from the airport

    Access from the station

    Route map from airports Route map from airports
    Route map from main station Route map from main station


    Creative and Inspiring Areas

    In this new era, pioneers, experts, entrepreneurs, and other leaders have all gathered in the port and Shinagawa area.
    It is in this area where we inspire the “creativity” required for this new era and possibilities are being created every day.
    “Inspiration” is born though interactions, collaborations, networking and innovative ideas created by those whose seek to “create”. Here in the port and Shinagawa area we support business events that “inspire” and nurtures the seed of “creation”.

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